Martin Couch - Tai Chi

Once learned, it is a treasure
for a lifetime….

Looking for a way to relieve stress in your life? Interested in a gentle way to stay fit and healthy? Worried about aches and pains? The healing exercise of Tai Chi could be just what you need.

What is Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system of exercise that strengthens your body, relaxes your mind and lifts your spirit.  Tai Chi consists of slow movements accompanied by natural breathing that relax and develop the whole person, improving both physical and mental health.

One of its great attractions is that it can be practised by people of all ages.  It is absorbing, but not exhausting or stressful. Once learned, it is a treasure for a lifetime.

What are the benefits?
Tai Chi’s healing power has been well known in Chinese culture for centuries.  It has been used for many disorders including heart and circulation problems, addictions, arthritis, muscle injuries, asthma and nervous disturbances.  Contemporary research has shown a correlation between Tai Chi and enhancement of the immune system.

With regular practice, Tai Chi develops stamina, strength and suppleness.  The flowing movements of Tai Chi release tension in the muscles and encourage improved circulation.  They relieve stiffness by working on the flexibility and strength of all our major joints.

Tai Chi exercise will help improve your posture, coordination and balance.  As Tai Chi is a weight-bearing exercise, it helps maintain bone density and prevent osteoporosis.  Recent research has shown that it can reduce the risk of falls in older people.

If you are feeling out of shape,  regular practice of Tai Chi can be excellent for your heart and lungs and raise your level of cardiovascular fitness.

Tai Chi is a proven antidote to stress.  The movements slowly relax and calm the mind.  This is why Tai Chi masters often refer to it as “moving harmony”.

Who can do it?
Tai Chi can be done by people at all stages of fitness.  It is not competitive and everyone works to their own level and for their own benefit.  It does not require special clothing or equipment: just loose comfortable clothes and soft-soled shoes.

How do we learn it?
Classes start with slow, gentle exercises aimed at relaxing all the major joints in the body.  The class then works on learning a short sequence of classical Tai Chi movements, drawn from the major schools of Tai Chi.  A few moves are learned each week and added to the movements learned the week before.  Students are advised to practise a little Tai Chi each day at home.

Learning Tai Chi
To learn Tai Chi properly, you need to find an instructor who has qualified under a master.  Instructors of the Lam Tai Chi Chuan Association have been personally trained by Master Lam Kam-Chuen, the founder of Lam Style Tai Chi.  Trained from an early age in Hong Kong in classical Chinese arts and medicine, Master Lam has been teaching in the West since 1975.  He is well-known for his popular Channel 4 TV series, Stand Still Be Fit (now available as a video).  His books include Step-by-Step Tai Chi, Tai Chi for Staying Young, The Way of Energy, The Way of Healing, The Way of Power, The Feng Shui Handbook and The Personal Feng Shui Manual.

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